“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” (Albert Einstein)

Our next task is to post about the most important people of the world, positions 11.-20. and we have to think about a way to remember these positions with a story or sentences.

Firstly here are the positions from 11.-20.:

11. Louis Pasteur
12. Galileo Galilei
13. Aristotle
14. Euclid
15. Moses
16. Charles Darwin
17. Shih Huang Ti
18. Augustus Ceasar
19. Nicolaus Copernicus
20. Antoine Laurent Lavoisier

One day, Louis Pasteur decided to do a new chemical experiment. He asked Galileo Galilei for help because his last experiment failed and Galileo Galilei was also a mathematics and astronomer and Louis Pasteur wanted to broaden his horizon. But unfortunately Galileo Galilei was sick, so he couldn’t help him. Luckily there was Aristotele, who was also famous for logic, biology and physics. So on a warm Sunday morning they both decided to start a new experiment. Suddenly Euclid came over and wanted to join them; he also has skills in mathematics and is often called the “Father of Geometry”. Louis Pasteur agreed. It was a special experiment on the water. But as they arrived at the next water, they were really surprised because the water was divided into two parts by Moses and Charles Darwin was also there, researching for a rare fish species. The experiment had to be postponed. Unexpectedly there came a ship along the divided water. On the ship there was Shih Huang Ti and Augustus Caesar.  Shih Huang Ti wanted to explore new orders for universal standardization of weights, measures, axle lengths on carts and the writing of the Chinese language. August Caesar followed him because he wanted to search for new soldiers for his army. But actually, the day is coming to an end and Louis Pasteur was very disappointed because he couldn’t make a new experiment but then Nicolaus Copernicus appeared and was watching the stars because he is a famous astronomer. His old friend Antoine Laurent Lavoisier accompanied him and Louis Pasteur was thinking, why not joining them? So they all watched the stars together.


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