“Everything will be fine in the end and if it’s not, then it’s not the end” (India)

Task 2

Our second task is to answer two questions:

1. Why does we need to be creative?
I think, we need to be creative to express ourselves. Most people connect creativity with the arts. Creativity limits itself not only on making music, singing, dancing, drawing or doing sport. Creativity is used everywhere where it matters to find new ways, new solutions or new ideas. We need creativity in all possible areas, e.g.:

  • product development
  • strategic questions for a company
  • to solve problems (privately or in jobs)
  • by planning our vacation
  • with the creation of our flat
  • and with many things more.

Everyone can be creative in his own way. In my opinion it is very important for us to be creative because only then we can develop our personalities and find the way to ourselves.

2. Who is the most creative figure? Why?
First of all, what is creative? And how can we measure creativity? I guess, it’s difficult to answer because nowhere is written down how creativity is measured. But I think, everybody who can think is also able to have ideas. So take for example a big company like apple. Apple is the most creative company in the world, so it’s said in the statistic. But I think, there are not only big companies, which can be creative with new innovation.
For me the most creative figures are children. As children we were more creative than we are today. Remember once which fantastic plays we could played with other children or alone in our imagination or how we have painted with so much pleasure and fun.
Or which creative inspirations to our sense came, if we wanted to make something with simple things. There is probably no one who was never creative in any form.

There is a saying from Alighieri Dante:

“Three things have remained to us from the paradise:
Stars, flowers and children.”


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