„I wish I was a camera sometimes, so I could take your picture with my mind.“

So the next task for this week is to give an opinion on this question:
What is the most creative company and why?

I think, the most creative and innovative company in the world is Google.

If someone wants to close its knowledge gaps today, they look it up on the internet. There are lots of search engines but probably the best known and most-used brand of search help is Google. Once founded from Larry Page and Sergey Brin in a hall of residence at the Stanford University , Google has developed to the biggest free online archive of information of the world. The Google search engine receives about a billion search requests per day and has the largest network of translators in the world

So what does Google actually mean?

The company had the aim to organize gigantic crowds of information in the web and make those available for all users worldwide. So a suitable name was needed, which could reflect this big dimension at all. The enterprisers found him in a variation of the mathematical concept “Googol”. It’s the mathematical technical term for „10 high 100“, i.e. for a one with hundred zeros. This mathematical value is bigger than the the sum of all elementary particles of the humanely tangible universe and no one can write it down with figures in the decimal system. Therefore, the mathematician Edward Kasner asked his nine-year-old nephew to invent a word for this number. So mathematics came to their technical term “Googol” and the biggest searching machine to their name Google.

So Google is used everywhere, first of all for searching but also for advertising, statistics, translation and maps from any city in the world. And in addition to that, you can be creative with google and try new things. The company from California has built up a huge software empire and reaches for always new business segments. I think, there is no one who never used google in his life and no one can think of without it. Today everything is possible with google, or not to say: impossible is nothing with google.


“Everything will be fine in the end and if it’s not, then it’s not the end” (India)

Task 2

Our second task is to answer two questions:

1. Why does we need to be creative?
I think, we need to be creative to express ourselves. Most people connect creativity with the arts. Creativity limits itself not only on making music, singing, dancing, drawing or doing sport. Creativity is used everywhere where it matters to find new ways, new solutions or new ideas. We need creativity in all possible areas, e.g.:

  • product development
  • strategic questions for a company
  • to solve problems (privately or in jobs)
  • by planning our vacation
  • with the creation of our flat
  • and with many things more.

Everyone can be creative in his own way. In my opinion it is very important for us to be creative because only then we can develop our personalities and find the way to ourselves.

2. Who is the most creative figure? Why?
First of all, what is creative? And how can we measure creativity? I guess, it’s difficult to answer because nowhere is written down how creativity is measured. But I think, everybody who can think is also able to have ideas. So take for example a big company like apple. Apple is the most creative company in the world, so it’s said in the statistic. But I think, there are not only big companies, which can be creative with new innovation.
For me the most creative figures are children. As children we were more creative than we are today. Remember once which fantastic plays we could played with other children or alone in our imagination or how we have painted with so much pleasure and fun.
Or which creative inspirations to our sense came, if we wanted to make something with simple things. There is probably no one who was never creative in any form.

There is a saying from Alighieri Dante:

“Three things have remained to us from the paradise:
Stars, flowers and children.”


Hello everyone,

my Name is Stephanie and I’m from the beautiful country Germany.

At the moment I’m doing my semester abroad in Indonesia at the Institut of Teknologi Bandung. For our course “Creativity and Innovation” we have to do a Blog, where all Assignments have to be posted on.
Furthermore, I want to do his blog for my family and my friends in Germany, to share the new experience in a new country with them. Hopefully, you’re all like it! Have fun and don’t forget: VIVA LA VIDA!
Our first assignment is to interprete our name creatively, so let’s start:

S – smart

T – truthfull

E – exciting

P – passionate

H – hopeful

A – alive

N – noisy

I – interesting

E- energetic